"Silent Spring" 15.04-15.07


We are a grass roots movement that started with the idea of organising a demonstration in support of Estonian forests on 16 August 2020. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus we were forced to postpone this demonstration called. The new date is the 16th of August.  By now, dozens of people have joined the organising team. Their contribution is based on their enthusiastic support for the cause, and none of them are paid for the work. The rural/urban as well as male/female ratios in the team are well balanced. Our team also includes people from different age groups and from varied walks of life. The main common denominator that joins us is concern over Estonian forests and readiness to actively contribute towards changing the current situation.


Coordinator: Liina Steinberg 


 Coordinator in Russian speaking community and media: Jekaterina Kordas


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On May 25, dozens of civil society organiations and networks sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Ms Kaja Kallas and Mr

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Our guests were: Frances Howe and Sally Clark, UK Bioenergy Campaigners for Biofuelwatch, and Elly Pepper, a biodiversity expert and a campaigner with the Natural Resources Defence Council in the USA and campaigner with the Cut Carbon Not Forests coalition.
The discussion was about birds, biodiversity loss, the links between Estonian forests and Drax Power Station in the UK, biomass and everything in between.
Moderator: Farištamo Eller

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